INTP Problem #37

While conversing with others, you get quietly sidetracked in a conversation with yourself.

(Thanks, Anon!)

INTP Problem #36

Clutter integrates stealthily into your surroundings, so you never really notice the mess until it’s pointed out.

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thejadedtongue asked: This is now on my list of favorite blogs.



I am very happy that people relate to this.

Should I do a giveaway or something for my next big follower number? What would I give away?

Anonymous asked: I've been doing research on alL the personality types and... I find that INTPs are the most prone to depression. Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Lincoln... All very intelligent but they all struggled with some sort of depression/emotional issues. What are your thoughts on this?


I wouldn’t venture to make statistical estimates on prevalence of things in MBTI types. Its scientific reliability is very limited. Especially since we’re only typing historical figures from very limited sources… 

However, there are a bunch of reasons why an INTP could have emotional troubles. INTPs often have trouble fitting in, especially as children. Total isolation is never helpful emotionally. Also, inferior extraverted feeling leads to a lot of emotional push and pull with dominant introverted thinking, which is never emotionally easy.

I don’t really want to make any actual guesses to why the trend you’ve observed exists, not enough data

INTP Problem #35

All instructions have loopholes which are impossible for you to ignore.

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INTP Problem #34

You come across something fascinating and emerge 7 hours later, looking mildly confused.

Anonymous asked: I'm definitely an INTP, but I've been told by several (mostly F) friends that I can't be INTP because I never seem to come across as cold or unfriendly and I have a good understanding of emotions. Is this common at all? I've always thought that my Ti was very strong and pretty obvious, is it possible to be an INTP with well-developed Fe?

Good question!

The thing with MBTI is that it works on a best-fit sort of structure as a way to describe people. In my opinion, there isn’t anything which “type X never does.”

It’s true that a lot of INTPs can come off as cold or stiff, but not always true!

If you’re an INTP you, by definition, have inferior Fe. However, this doesn’t mean that you haven’t been able to learn how to harness it.

For example, this INTP works with people and does quite a good job!

You should never feel confined or restrained by your type. However, if you personally feel a disconnect with the research you’ve done on your type, perhaps other types can describe you better.

tl;dr It’s totally possible. You’re an individual far more than you’re a type. If you identify strongly with a type, chances are that it’s a totally useful structure with which to analyse yourself.

INTP Problem #33

Can’t people just be straightforward about relationships? Flirting is such an effort!

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INTP Problem #32

Your neutral facial expressions in public sometimes make passerby think you’re a robot.

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