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mriney said: What do you all find as your "happy place?" By this I mean what/where you retreat to when you want to be away from your thoughts? Personally, I have a little bit to drink and put on a nice pair of headphones and listen to relaxing, acoustic music. Nothing bothers me then, and I sit there and smile like an eccentric fool... I hope I don't sound as crazy as I think I am

Lovely question. :)

I like to listen to music I know or understand well. That’d be acoustic guitar or the type of classical music where you can “hear the math”. (Think Brahms.) I also pick up a book.

INTPs, what do you do when you need to relax?

Anonymous said: Other types are not inferior to INTP. You act like we're better than them.

Uh oh, I hope I don’t give off that impression! The reason I write the blog the way I do is because it’s a safe place for INTPs to whine a little bit about our experience, I guess. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, no type is superior or inferior to the other. I don’t think I’ve ever insulted or put down another type here, and my insults toward others in general are very much intended to be tongue-in-cheek.

Thanks for bringing up that concern, and I will be certain to keep it in mind to make it clear that all types are equal.

A completely objective guide to the types.



ISTJ is like an INTJ except without the drive of curiosity, comprehension and crippling, horrifying social anxieties.

ESTJ is the person you love to hate…. Except for the times you hate yourself, in which case you’d love to be an ESTJ.

ENTJ is basically a superior ESTJ. Let’s face facts here, people.

INTJ is like every type when they get depressed and try to shut off from the world. A depressed INTJ is like a ENTJ except without any of the usefulness (which is the biggest insult in all of MBTI).


ISTP is like an INTP in a leather jacket. I meant that metaphorically, as an INTP in a leather jacket would look like this.

ESTP is like an ESFP except opinionated…. Well, more opinionated…

INTP is an INFP who has somehow become even more socially awkward.

ENTP is someone who’s ideas are never as awesome as mine.


INFJ is like an INTJ but really nice, and so much so that I always feel kind of bad when your ideas are abysmal.

ENFJ is pretty much how ENFPs depict themselves in those really cutesy cartoons.

ESFJ are one of the types most likely to advocate “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” so with that in mind: “…”

ISFJ they’re like a bizarro world ISTJ who not only cares about people’s feelings, and often to the extent that they’d probably not use the term “bizarro world”.


INFP is like an INTP but, from my INTJ perspective, are wrong about pretty much everything in a completely different way.

ENFP is a fangirl. Even the boys are fangirls.

ESFP is either completely obnoxious, or completely obnoxious in a good way.

ISFP is the person you try to be as spontaneous and expressive as, but are always concerned that when you do it, it’s creepy.

Seems just like an INTJ wrote it! ^-^

Yay! Thank you for your continued support!
Should INTPProblems do anything special for our quadruple digits?

Yay! Thank you for your continued support!

Should INTPProblems do anything special for our quadruple digits?

INTP Problem #40

You’d rather be alone right now. No, really. No, you aren’t lonely. NO YOU DON’T NEED PITY YOU JUST NEED TIME TO REGENERATE. Please?

(Thanks, Anon!)

INTP Problem #39

You think it’s a fun discussion, they think it’s a heated argument.

quick update: I’ve received a bunch of submissions and asks, and thank you! 

Life is very busy, so you won’t be seeing anything much until mid-May at the earliest.

INTP Problem #38

Giving uncomfortably truthful answers to older relatives who ask you questions about your life.